Home Offices

The results of COVID-19 have added to the number of people calling their home their office. Many, having set up a temporary workspace on their kitchen island or dining room table still find themselves there many months later. Trying to work with your children running around or conducting a video call with your partner making a coffee in the background doesn’t make for the most productive environment.

There are many companies offering garden buildings designed specifically for the home office market. But these are very expensive and require foundations and power cables to be put in place, can take up a great deal of space in your garden and can be overbearing. At the same time many of us have a box room that is used as a dumping ground or extension of the loft.

With some well thought out design these rooms can be easily converted into a light, airy and efficient place to ‘go to work’.  With bespoke joinery to accommodate however you like to work, and at a fraction of the set up and running cost of a garden building, our home offices can provide you with a solution to the temporary set up and open the door to a better work/life balance for the whole family.